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The debut of “Bright and Ready”

Why the name change? That’s a good question. When we first started producing our activity idea cards at our original company, Pal Toys, they were called “Bright Ideas for Mommy + Me.” We felt this was a perfect name for our original Baby through Preschool cards, but then we branched out into our school years […]

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Silly Basket from the Bright and Beyond Preschool (ages 3-5) deck
Cut a piece of paper into ten or more 1” x 4” strips, and write down an action on each one. For example, “Wiggle and jiggle!” “Stand on one foot!” “Count to 10 as fast as you can!” or “Sing a silly song!” Fold up these pieces of paper, place them in a small basket, and let your child select one. Read it to her and let her be silly! Then she can choose again!
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