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Why the name change?

That’s a good question.

Our original "Bright Ideas for Mommy + Me" decks.

Our original “Bright Ideas for Mommy + Me” decks.

When we first started producing our activity idea cards at our original company, Pal Toys, they were called “Bright Ideas for Mommy + Me.” We felt this was a perfect name for our original Baby through Preschool cards, but then we branched out into our school years series of Reading, Writing, Math, and Thinking decks, for ages 5-9, and beyond.

Version 2: Bright and Beyond

Version 2: Bright and Beyond

Suddenly, “Mommy + Me” didn’t quite fit the whole lineup. We settled on “Bright and Beyond” because that seemed to be the best name that was available in the Trademark and website-name search, but we were never truly in love with it.

Version 3: "Bright and Beyond" with a nice picture.

Version 3: “Bright and Beyond” with a nice picture.

One of the names we had always liked was “Bright and Ready.” We felt it reflected our focus on intellectual development and developmental readiness for the different stages of childhood.

When Ready Set Resources (started by one of the founders of Pal Toys) bought the assets of Pal Toys, another search was made on the status of “Bright and Ready,” and lo and behold, it was available!

Today: "Bright and Ready" by Ready Set Resources.

Today: “Bright and Ready” by Ready Set Resources.

We decided to go forward with a name transition! The first decks up for reprint were Baby through Preschool (our best sellers). It might take a while before we transition our Spanish and school years decks. We’ve still got a pretty good supply of those in the warehouse.

Thanks for your interest!

. . . smart & simple

Silly Basket from the Bright and Beyond Preschool (ages 3-5) deck
Cut a piece of paper into ten or more 1” x 4” strips, and write down an action on each one. For example, “Wiggle and jiggle!” “Stand on one foot!” “Count to 10 as fast as you can!” or “Sing a silly song!” Fold up these pieces of paper, place them in a small basket, and let your child select one. Read it to her and let her be silly! Then she can choose again!
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