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Putting the parent in parent-child bonding – Part 1

I was reading about a study that focuses on the impact of parents developing secure attachments with their very-young children (to see a link to the press release about it, click here).

Basically, the research showed that children with insecure attachments to their mothers, (particularly boys) had significantly more behavioral problems, even when the behavioral problems were measured years later.

According to attachment theory, children with secure attachments expect and receive support and comfort from their care givers. In contrast, children with insecure attachments have requests discouraged, rejected, or responded to inconsistently, which is thought to make them vulnerable to developing behavioral problems.

Helping a parent succeed is a matter of providing tools that the child and the parent will respond to. How do you help parents succeed when . . .

  • Reluctant parents will rarely respond positively to a child’s requests for interaction.
  • Some parents don’t naturally see the value of play (interactive or otherwise) for their child’s development.
  • Many parents think they have to spend money on toys, games, and outings to play with their children and show their love for them.

Read Part 2 of my post to find out some solutions to these challenges by clicking here.






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