Incorporate playfulness for language acquisition

From the article titled “Breaking the Language Barrier” excerpted from an issue of Autism Asperger’s Digest magazine, I pulled out some interesting nuggets I thought I’d pass along that I think apply in children with special needs and typical children.

This one addresses incorporating playfulness to enhance language acquisition.

If you think about it, in our language, prepositions are pretty tricky. Prepositions are words like “over,” “under,” “in,” “beside,” “above,” and “with.” The article suggests using everyday activities like making the bed and commenting about being “under” the blanket, or taking a walk and talking about going “around” the tree. Below is a Bright and Ready activity that uses playfulness in developing this particular language challenge.

I love the way the article wraps up:

Keep searching for the keys that unlock the doors of your child’s mind. Even with the right key some of those doors are slow to open, so give it some time and be patient . . . language is the doorway to the world.

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Playful learning is learning that lasts