"I started using your Bright and Ready playtime activities decks all the time when I started out teaching. The decks for ages babies through age five are wonderful to send home activities with the families to build the start of parent involvement. The sooner we can get the parents involved in their child’s education the better!"
Mari Jo Salazar, Center Service Manager
Chicanos por la Causa
Early Childhood Development
Phoenix, AZ
"Thanks for what you do for our children, and for all the parents and children who have benefitted from using the Bright and Ready ideas over the years!”
Tricia Vasquez, Director
Grace Garden Childcare
Waseca, MN
"We have been very impressed with the ease of use and creativity of your pocket idea cards. Our home visitors love to give parents activities that can be made or use household items. The cards offer valuable ways that parents can engage their children and promote education and learning! Thanks for the creativity in a box!!"
Wendy Yagarich
Program Manager
Madonna Place
Norwich, CT
“Thank You!! What excellent customer service!! We will definitely be ordering with your company in the future!!!”
Jodi Jordan, BSN, RN
New Parent Support Home Visitor
Family Advocacy Program
Army Community Service
Fort Sill, OK
We appreciate how the Bright and Ready activities use ordinary household items to promote parent/child interaction – this enables us to educate parents about the learning opportunities available every day.”
Stacey Cochran
Resource & Referral Mgr
Dallas, TX
"All of the Bright and Ready activities are wonderful and easy to do."
Saadia Hamid, Site Coordinator
Neighborhood House
Seattle, WA
“The activity cards are wonderful!! They are very family friendly, explain the significance of the activity, are simple and do not require families to purchase materials for activities. Thank you very much!! The Family Support Workers are using them on a regular basis.”
Kathy Gibbs, MSW, Program Director
Polk County Healthy Start
Easter Seals Children's Therapy Center
"Staff thinks the Bright and Ready activities are fantastic! [T]hey are so family-friendly and developmentally appropriate--and fun!"
Carol Spangler, Developmental Disabilities Supervisor
Idaho State Department of Health & Welfare Infant/Toddler Program
“We all love the cards... they’re simple, practical, and a great way to fill in some empty moments during class. I would definitely recommend your product”
Deborah White, Director
Special Needs Ministry
“I was personally impressed with the quality of the Spanish [in your Spanish decks].”
Maria Elena Cruz-Lopez, Asst. Manager
Scholastic Club Leo
“We have expanded our homemade learning activities with the Bright and Ready English and Spanish decks that we utilize in our New Beginnings program at home visits. Kids enjoy the fun games and caregivers enjoy the age-appropriate activities that enhance the child’s development.”
Melinda Pedersen, BA
Interpreter/ Family Support Worker
Western Racine County Health Department
“Many of the cards have activities that make the lesson into a game and my students love games. The ideas involve creative aspects such as making up fun stories or quick art projects. My students love anything that allows them to compete against others and many of these ideas have the potential to allow competition and creativeness.”
Learning Magazine
Product Review Tester
"We used these cards recently at one of our play groups -- each parent got to select a card or two and share with the group what the activity was. Brief discussion on how the activity might work for each of their families ensued. It was a nice way to get all the parents involved. These will make great door prizes and raffle prizes."
Kathy Cooley, Nursing Services Manager
Coos County Public Health Dept.
North Bend, OR
"[Bright and Ready] is fantastic. I really like that I will be able to share these with the parents. They are easy to follow and seems like it is a great way for parents to have intentional learning in their child's play at home. Thank you!”
Tasha Stalling
Early Childhood Special Education Teacher
El Centro, CA
"We are very thankful for the Bright and Ready cards. They are simple enough that our parents can use them with their children, and they use everyday household items. We serve low income families so these resources will be put to good use. The teachers at each of our five sites will be offering parenting workshops on how to use the activity cards."
Jenny Yoder, Lead Teacher
State School Readiness
Placentia-Yorba Linda USD
Placentia, CA
"The Bright and Ready cards were utilized by me for my lesson plans and for suggesting everyday activities for the parents/caregivers.  All of the participants appreciated the simple yet educational activities provided for them. As a playgroup facilitator they saved me precious time as well."
Teresa McGarrity
Play to Learn Coordinator
Smart Start Rowan
Salisbury, NC
“Bright and Ready decks are a great 'leave behind' for families to reinforce developmental concepts discussed during home visitations."
Linda J. Taroli, B.S., Assistant Division Dir.
New Directions Institute for Infant Brain Development
Phoenix, AZ
"Our teen moms need to learn how to interact with their child and the Bright and Ready cards really give them good ideas!"
Deb Streblow Sheboygan Area School District Principal Cleveland Elementary and NEW Montessori School Admin., Alternative Programs
Sheboygan, WI
"Bright and Ready decks are awesome! They're a really great tool for young families that don't have a lot of money."
Jaime Ann Ross
Early Childhood Bilingual Liaison & Home Visitor
Family Connections
South St. Paul & Inver Grove Heights
"We use the Bright and Ready cards in the early literacy kits that we have developed for early childhood education teachers to use in their classrooms. The feedback has been great!"
Amy Read, Program Manager
Growing Readers Language and Literacy Program
New Hanover County Public Library
“I plan to share the Bright and Ready decks with our families through the Toy Lending Library at our play center. This will give parents even more ideas for parent-child activities that will promote their child's development.”
Nancy Holtwick
Parents as Teachers Director
Fayette Schools
Fayette, MO
"I enjoyed very much reading your [Constructivist] report. It is easy to read and attractive. I like the way you gave examples of activities to support what you were writing about. Thanks for sharing!"
Jan Tysdal
Infant/Toddler Coordinator
Early Childhood Connections
Rapid City, SD
“The card are easy to carry and inexpensive enough that I was able to get a set for each of my workers. We always appreciate ideas for activities to use with families that help the parents see how they can encourage their child’s development.”
Patty McCollum, MS
Family Services Supervisor
Kansas Children’s Service League
Kansas City, KS
"Everyone loves the products and I believe a few other program directors are looking into purchasing them for their staff."
Donna Fleming, Program Director
Great Start Programs
San Antonio, TX
"Staff is enjoying the cards and we're getting a great response from the families & children as well."
Donna Redway, Clinical Supervisor
Nurturing Family Network
Hartford, CT
"The Bright and Beyond Reading deck is excellent and has great ideas for parents. They are hands-on and very grade-level appropriate."
Carolyn Stewart, K-2nd Educator
Keyes Union School District
Keyes, CA
"The Bright and Ready cards were great! They have good ideas and activities. I especially liked that they give information as to what domain of learing the activity focuses on."
Rhonda Jones, Parent Educator
Hartville K12
"My families say they love [Bright and Ready]."
Deanna Niles, Parent Educator
Kansas Parents as Teachers
"Bright and Ready is a great resource I can share with our teachers and use in our Parent Resource Room. (I was tempted to swipe them and keep ‘em for myself!) Thanks!"
Kelly Slovenkay, Parent Mentor
Mentor Schools
Mentor, OH
“Bright and Ready cards are a perfect fit for the age groups we target through Reach Out and Read."
Heather Hall, Asst. Executive Director
Ohio AAP Foundation
Reach Out and Read
Ohio Coalition Leader
Worthington, OH
We love that the ideas are family friendly and use common materials in the home to enhance kids' development. Our team also likes that the activities support building better and more interactive relationships between babies, toddlers, and their parents. Parents love that their kid are learning AND having fun! :)
Amy Gleaton, OTR
Little Lives ECI, Texas
"Our state office considers Bright and Ready decks a useful tool for our local program staff to use when working with parents of children 0-5 in their homes."
Johanna Schuchert
Coordinator of VA Parent Education Coalition
Prevent Child Abuse Virginia
Richmond, VA
“We think the developmental cards are absolutely wonderful! We have so many different professionals use them such as providers, teachers, therapists, and parents. We have had positive feedback from everyone who has used them. Husbands really find these cards helpful, especially first time fathers! Parents who might need parenting skills and how to interact with their children find these helpful! Teachers use them in class with their students and they make great gifts!
Heather Henry, Enrollment Director
Bluegrass District Early Intervention Committee
Lexington, KY
"I used the Bright and Ready Tube Chutes activity with a 9 month old. I really liked it because it was simple, used things you usually have around the house, addressed both hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and it kept the baby’s attention!”
Angie Spehar, BA
Bilingual Family Support Specialist
Healthy Families Johnson County
Kansas Children’s Service League
“Bright and Ready decks are easy to read, cross over to multiple domains, use simple inexpensive household objects to complete the activity, and they are culturally diverse.”
Kristi W. Lunceford
First Steps Program Consultant
University of Kentucky
“Bright and Ready [decks] are a great source for creative ideas for parent/child interaction.”
Alisa Barroeta, Parent Educator
Parents as Teachers
Webb City, MO
“These are quotes from my staff: ‘I love the cards. They don’t require a lot of extra material to do the activity;’ ‘They are colorful and the directions are simple and easy to understand;‘ ‘The activities are good to use to meet the goals the family has set for their child.’”
Sheila Busch, Service Coordinator
Early Childhood Lutheran Services in Iowa
Clinton, IA
“I think the Bright and Ready cards are great! They supplement our curriculum very well.”
Amy Sellars, Parent Educator
Parents as Teachers
Blue Springs, MO
"I loved the illustration. It prevented me from having to think about 'how' to do the activity. For me, that was invaluable . . . I just want simple play."
Robin R.
Topanga, CA
"We have the baby deck and love it . . . I think many moms and dads (and maybe especially with your first child) have a hard time coming up with "creative" ideas to entertain (we just haven't had to "play" for so long, we lose touch). Not only are they creative ideas... but the other thing we like is they are easily affordable ideas also.. even just putting to use some things we usually throw away around the house (ie: paper towel tubes) AND they're simple!!!!!"
Kristin K.
South Dakota
“I absolutely love the Bright and Ready cards. I have recommended them to a number of my friends and purchased some as gifts for other people. All of the ideas are very clever and can be done with things you have around the house - brilliant ideas! Thanks for keeping us parents filled with creative, fun activities for our children.”
Debbie G.
Littleton, CO
“Great cards!!! My 22 months old LOVES THEM!!! Highly recommend! :)”
Anna T.
Cumming, GA
"Thanks for a great product, they are really well done!"
Ruta B.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
"Great concept! Pictures are a big plus."
Laura P.
Irvine, CA
“I have used some of the activities when my grandchildren are with me and we've had a lot of fun without expensive toys. I have also shared your website with a young friend who is a teacher of special needs children.”
Alice D.
Cambridge, NY
"I think they're great."
Jenny M.
San Pedro, CA
What I love about the Bright and Ready baby cards is how they’re broken down by months to match the develop-mental stages. This helps parents choose activities more effectively."
Donna Matlock, Manager
Northern Lights Family Resource Center
Superior, WI
“I am using the cards with the Spanish speaking mom's I work with. I have taken out 3-5 cards in English and the same cards in Spanish. I show them the Spanish card while I talk about what I see on the English card. The cards are very helpful when encouraging moms to play with their children at home.”
Debra Goebel, Infant Toddler Specialist
Bloomington Richfield Family Center
"Our home-based special education teacher likes Bright and Ready's ‘fantastic,’ age-appropriate activities. Families have remarked that the decks give them good ideas that they often forget about. The activities are simple, but simple works!"
Abbey Sualy
School Psychologist
Westside Community Schools
Omaha, NE
"I personally love Bright and Beyond cards. They contain wonderful ideas for parents of young children, and are great for organizations that focus on parenting skills and play with children in general."
Heather Reilley
Service Coord. & Early Intervention Specialist
Fond du Lac County Birth to Three Program
Department of Community Programs
Fond du Lac, WI
"Congratulations on creating such a friendly and well-researched product."
Patricia Deitz
Program Manager
Healthy Families Q. A./Talbot
Centreville, MD
“I would love to share feedback. I tried to pick one favorite thing but I couldn't choose. I like that the [illustrations are] process versus product, it leaves a lot of room for creativity. I love that they have short descriptions of what the children are learning. The activity descriptions are short and simple. The activities can easily be used in the home and the materials are things you would commonly find in the home. They are interactive activities and it really helps me that they are broken up in ages. Oh, and of course they are offered in both English and Spanish.
Meghan Lageson
Early Childhood Teacher
Big Lake ESL/ECFE Family Literacy
Big Lake, MN
“The cards are very functional for all socio-economic classes since it uses household products. There are not many steps to the activities, which makes it easy for use. The cards help build creativity because the number one problem parents have with play is ‘what to do or say?’ Parents assume they have to have a toy or a videogame to have an interaction. These cards facilitate developmental growth in so many areas (e.g., symbolic play, social skills, fine and gross motor, sensory, critical thinking, etc). It is really wonderful!”
Renée Aguilar
Los Angeles Child Guidance Clinic
“I’m an occupational therapist working with school-age children with an in-home therapy company. I’ve used the cards many times and I find them fun and yet educational when pertaining to my treatment goals. I love this addition to my treatment “goodie bag!” Thanks so much.”
Sarah Leitzel, Occupational Therapist
“I’m thrilled they’re available in Spanish now -- great translation!”
Kathy Alvarado
Riverside County Childcare Consortium
"We introduced the Bright and Ready cards to families at our back to school activity. We set up little stations so they could try the activity/game at the appropriate age level. The activities seemed to be really easy to set up, and I am sure the parents would have many of the items needed at home. We found that even the 6-12 month cards had activities that 4 year-olds enjoyed too -- great for families and home visitors. There is a good mix and parents and staff can really get creative with how each activity is carried out."
Rachelle Ryan, Even Start Coordinator
Olean School Dist.
Olean, NY
"I love the Bright and Ready cards I purchased from you! They are user friendly and age appropriate and so easy for parents to use since they just pull a card. No books to look through…quick, fun and easy!"
Dena Schmitz, Coordinator
Rock Creek USD Parents as Teachers
Rock Creek, KS
"Here are some responses from staff members about the Bright & Ready Activity Cards: ‘I love the cards - the many, many activities to choose from - the majority of which are really clever, simple ideas. They are simple and easy to understand. They are mostly doable with materials we have on hand. These activities can be used as stand alone activities or used as supplemental or follow up activities. They often take an old activity and put a new spin on it.’ ‘I like the variety of alternate activities it provides.’ ‘I have used the cards for 1 yr. and infants. I liked the simplicity of the cards.  Instructions are easily understood, items used for activity are usually things one can find around the house. Easy access for pe's- don't have to pull out manual. I think the cards are a great asset to our tool chest.’”
Nikki Byers, Executive Director
Imprints for Families
Winston-Salem, NC
“I think most teachers would enjoy having a set of these for their class- room, sometimes when you have lesson plans fall through, or need something quick, for a substitute, or a good way to spend a rainy day recess these will come in very handy. They are well written and teach lots of different things.”
Learning Magazine
Product Review Tester
"As the infant toddler specialist serving Bergen and Passaic, NJ, I find that one of the most difficult situations in many of our centers is that we have providers that have no clue of what activities could be done with our infants and toddlers.  We are trying to move them away from a formal lesson plan and follow the cues the babies emit.  These cards, with the exception of the one with the baby in the walker, give teachers and providers ideas of how can they support children's appropriate development. We are also extending the use of the Bright and Ready cards to parents who are in need of establishing a connection or bond with their babies."
Odette Valdez
First Steps Infant/Toddler Specialist
Bergen County Office for Children
New Jersey
"Bright and Ready cards are great for Head Start, Home Visiting programs, and organizations that work with teen parents. I look forward to including them in our baby bags for parents."
Sue Forster, Parent Educator
Early Childhood Family Education
Westonka Public Schools, MN
“The reading level for our parents is great!! Some of our parents, especially our Spanish speaking parents, have a very low reading level. Many of our families are teen parents also. The picture of the child engaged in the activity helps them know what we will be doing. This really helps them feel less self-conscious and doesn’t impact their self-esteem in a negative way.”
Terri Porter, Family Services Supervisor
KCSL Healthy Families Wyandotte Cty
Kansas City, KS
"You guys have done a really great job of translating sophisticated information into a "bite size" product that won't overwhelm parents. Especially valuable to parents with low literacy levels.  We use them in our Centering Parenting groups. I have now ordered the Spanish version of the cards as well, and I know our group facilitators will be happy!"
Gillian Fynn, LCSW
Psychosocial Services Manager
West Berkeley Family Practice
Berkeley, CA
"We carry out dozens of trainings and coaching, each year, throughout California for participants in the social work and educational fields. We will be recommending the use of [Bright and Ready] for interaction between kids and adults. It will be an excellent resource for many of our participants."
Connie Casparie
Youth for Change/Paradise Ridge Family Resource Center
Paradise, CA
“The parents that I serve are more eager to try an activity when they have a card reminding them to try something, rather than just my words to remember. My clients gave grown accustomed to receiving something at each visit, something in addition to a flyer or worksheet, and these cards serve that purpose, allowing parents to interact with their child and knowing the reasoning behind the idea.”
Jessica Field, M.A.
Parent Educator:
Parents as Teachers
Columbus County Partnership for Children Smart Start
“As a home visitor I felt the cards were just the right size [with] brief, wonderful directions and information to leave with families for the week’s activity. Parents have felt . . . much excitement that the children wanted to do the activity. The children request to do some of the activities over and over, or [they] create a spin off idea from the card.”
Jan Rhubee, Head Start Home Visitor
Western Community Action
Marshall, MN
"I really think Bright and Ready is a great tool, and I look forward to using them on home visits and other venues. I can see they will be very beneficial. I'll be recommending them to other Family Educators."
Carey Thacker, Parent Coordinator
West Central Early Childhood Ctr.
Media, IL
"With the cards, if I'm doing a parent workshop, I can break the groups into smaller groups and pass a few out to each. This way, parents get to experiment- test fun new activities- and brainstorm more ideas. The cards help to create energy and enthusiasm, and folks always have fun reporting back to the larger group about their experience and how they'll build on ideas at home."
Kimm Phillips
Training and Volunteer Coordinator
"Bright and Ready activities are helpful and worth the investment. They line up with our PAT lessons."
Jeanine Williams
School Readiness Program
Ernie Pyle Elementary School
Bellflower, CA
"Our home visitors like that the Bright and Ready activities list and cover all areas of development, which fits well with our curriculum. They like that the cards list the skills that each activity covers and that most of the materials needed are everyday household items. They found the illustrations impressive in their demonstration of parent-child interaction, and the clear and simple language in the instructions is also important when there are issues around literacy."
Wendie Adam
Education Manager 0-5
Strafford County Head Start
Milton, NH
"We basically use the [Bright and Ready] birth to preschool decks. The things we really like are the ideas and how they pertain to the particular developmental skills. I recently was working with a family who will use the cards in their daycare with the children and notify the parents of the types of things they are helping the kids with developmentally. Our feeling is that the parents will really like this and utilize the childcare more."
Dann Bates, CSW
In The Beginning, Inc.
Lexington, KY
“I have been fortunate enough to be able to use the Bright and Ready Playtime Activities with most of my clients. The activities are easy to make and very creative for parents to do with their kids. I have also used these activities with the teen parents I work with and they always seem excited to try new things with their babies. These cards provide many options for all ages of children. Thank you Bright and Ready Playtime Activities for all of your fun and exciting ideas for kids! ”
Maria Moller-Gunderson BSW
Family Support Worker
Western Racine County Health Dept.
"We used these cards as an incentive for program participation. Parents who attended a certain percentage of 'Play to Learn' sessions and our Hispanic mothers who participated in a certain percentage of our 'De Madres a Madres' (from Mothers to Mothers) activity, were given a pack of cards according to the age of their child(ren). These activities were perfect for us because they were developmentally appropriate, simple for parents to use and they were inexpensive. Great resource!
Laura Villegas, Director of Programs
Smart Start Rowan
Salisbury, NC
We have used the cards to include in monthly "Play and Learn " packets that are mailed to all our scholarship families in our school readiness program. In addition to a children's book, parenting tips and information about community activities, they always get some kind of learning game. This was perfect for them. Each family got 5 cards in their packet.
Mary Eckberg
Lead Parent Educator
Wayzata Family Learning Center
Plymouth, MN
“The Bright and Ready card decks are great because when you need a quick idea they are easy to flip through and pick out an activity. The best part is that the items needed can find around the home and each card unique!”
Cassie Krehely, Early Head Start Teacher
Hamilton Center, Inc.
"It's like having a whole cupboard full of games in one little packet."
Beth S.
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
"Someone gave me the Age 2 deck for Christmas. I've been using them all year when it's rainy or she's bored, or I want to teach her something, or if I can't think of something to do. When my mother-in-law watches my daughter I suggest that she try activities from the deck."
Andrea A.
Sebastopol, CA
Love, love love these cards! My son is 1 year and the ideas are great! What is even better is that it gives me ideas of other things I could try that aren't on a card!!"
Angie B.
Gladstone, MO
“We love the "Bright and Ready" activity cards!! I actually have a beach ball taped to the doorway and we were playing with it today. I love that I can pick a card, gather the materials (which can be found around the house) and play. I gave the age 2 and ages 3-5 as Christmas gifts and my friends also really enjoy the activity cards. The teacher in me just wishes I would've thought of it first!!! Thank you for making such a great product!”
Jennifer D.
Chandler, AZ
"What a life-saver these "idea cards" have been! Now I have something to refer to when my 4 year is bored and wants to do something with me. We just pick a card and have a fun time learning a new "game." He loves it and so do I!!"
Jennifer M.
Roseville, CA
"My 4 year old keeps asking to do more...I'll need to buy some for my two year old now!"
Julie K.
San Clemente, CA
"[T]he baby deck . . . [is] just fantastic! We've been using it for the past couple of days and [my son] has been enjoying all the activities. I've been giving him some of the activities while he sits in his highchair during dinner. I am finally able to eat a peaceful and warm meal. How about that!!!!!"
Mari O.
Tracy, CA
"We recently used the cards during a professional development session to share ideas on how to actively engage parents in activities with their ild. Ideas like “Car Ramp” (age 1 deck) and “Blanket Fun” (age 2 deck) are so simple to do and lots of fun for families!"
Michele Cochrane
Roscommon, MI
"We are using the cards this year in our Parent Child Home Program. The home visitor will use them as a supplement during her visit when she does a craft and as a teaching tool for parents. We are also giving each parent a pack to use in between visits. The home visitors are excited about using them because the activities are fun easy to use."
Patricia Mininni
Children’s Librarian
Mastic-Moriches-Shirley Community Library
Shirley, NY
“We received our entire order quickly and completely, that was the first thing I noticed about your company before I even got the boxes open…then once we had the Bright & Ready Activity Cards neatly displayed, our early childhood providers immediately began to come handle the cards and wanted to know more about them. We distributed 100 sets of cards in one day! Everyone is excited about these new extensions to their curriculum. Thanks for the great product at a great price!”
Elizabeth Moore
Operations Director
Early Learning Coalition
Marion County, FL
"Everyone was very positive about [Bright and Ready] and glad that we were able to provide them. I asked the home visitors and teachers and these are their responses: ‘Easy for the teacher to develop a home activity that aligns with the child’s goals and objectives.‘ ‘Parents really enjoy doing the activities.’ ‘Activities are very doable.’ ‘Family-friendly,’ ‘Easy activities for the families to do with their children.‘ ‘Affordable activities.’"
Sharon Roberts
Coordinator Early On Project Find Great Parents Great Start
Hillsdale County ISD Dean Jennings Educational Center
Hillsdale, MI
"We used the Bright and Ready decks in parenting classes and during home visits, they were a hit and I consider them grant money well-spent."
Virginia Hartnett, Program Manager
Kids on Track
Chula Vista (CA) Elementary School District
“Bright and Ready cards are a wonderful resource for our children, their parents, paras and teachers. We are always looking for innovative ideas to share with parents that will help at home and at school, and this series is just what we were looking for! Great for social skills practice at our kids’ gatherings . . . and for fun activities in the daycare!"
Sheryl Bergman, President
SKIP Special Kids - Informed Parents
"I bought the decks for my special education coordinators in different school districts for use with the students. The cost of these decks are very reasonable for the value of the information on the cards. We'll use them for activities in some of our evening school-based activities also."
Bonnie Hankey, Parent Mentor
Miami Valley Educational Computer Association
Yellow Springs, OH
“We have received many ooohs and aaaaahs from home visitors and parents alike who love the layout, simplicity, and creativity of these cards.“
Michelle K. Dunnaway
Bilingual Training Specialist
Child Abuse Prevention Council of Sacramento
“You can use some of them for other ages than indicated on the cards, just fine tune them up or down. I also shared them with the parents as ‘homework.’ For older kids I used them for fillers, on a rainy day, and Friday reward time.”
Learning Magazine
Product Review Tester
“We have hundreds of providers, and we purchase Bright and Beyond decks because they meet our standards training guidelines, they are developmentally appropriate, and are easy for parents to utilize, not to mention a great and fun way to get them involved.”
Jean Smith
Early Learning Coalition of Southwest Florida
“We love them! We give the card decks, specifically the baby, one year old and two year old decks out to teachers and director who attend our lesson plan training. The teachers have used them in their lesson planning and one infant teacher who had never done an infant lesson plan before created a wonderful developmentally appropriate lesson plan for her babies!”
Gabriella Gscheidle, Provider Services Specialist
Early Learning Coalition of Orange County
Orlando, FL
"My staff love the Bright and Ready cards, especially the infant [Baby] cards. They say that activities to give parents to do at home are often hard to come up with but with Bright and Ready, everything is right there. They love the convenience of all of them. They are very handy and readily at hand."
Donna Goldsmith, Team Leader
Rock/Walworth County EHS
Beloit, WI
“We run a pre-literacy program and the outcomes depend so much on the interaction between children and their parents. Bright and Ready cards are so simple and involve low prep-time yet are a great source of bonding and stimulation. Our staff loves them too for home visit ideas.”
Julia Williams, Coordinator
Parent-Child Home Program, Cen-Clear Child Services, Inc.
Philipsburg, PA
“We offer playgroups to children birth to 5 who are not in regulated childcare to help them develop their school readiness skills.  Each month we give the parents a school readiness tool.  We gave each parent or caregiver one deck per child and they loved them.  They are very simple and easy things they can do with the children.   They appreciated the creative ideas and the fact it incorporated things they already had or were doing. We will be ordering more in the future.”
Donna Wishon, Family Support Coordinator
Outreach for School Readiness
Stokes Partnership for Children
“I would recommend this product especially to a newer teacher. It’s always nice to have something easy and fun to do with the students that keep them happy and involved. The cards would also be a great parent gift to hand out at conferences to parents interested in working with their children at home.”
Learning Magazine
Product Review Tester
"Bright and Ready cards are great! The simple instructions on the back of each card make it easy to instruct the teen moms to engage in creative play with their little ones."
Annie Perry, MPA
Adolescent Parenting Social Worker III
Franklin Granville Vance Smart Start
Henderson, NC
"As a Family Educator, I enjoy using the Bright and Ready activity cards as supplemental activities during my home visits. I appreciate that the Bright and Ready activity cards use simple materials that can be found in most homes. I also enjoy using the Bright and Ready activity cards as follow up activities that I can leave with the parents to do with their children between our visits. The parents that I work with enjoy using the new ideas and simple activities of the Bright and Ready cards to stimulate their child's development."
Andrea Moloney, Family Educator
Parents as Teachers
Yakima, WA
"We used Bright and Ready cards as a hook to get families to sign up for a class. They got to bring home a deck of activity cards at the end of the 8 weeks. In the class, the teacher used some of the ideas so parents could see how to set them up and use the cards. A local collaborative runs a class for dads and they were used as an incentive. We also offer Bright and Ready decks for people to purchase. Several people have purchased them as gifts for birthdays and baby showers. I appreciate the quantity pricing."
Kim Bushaw
Early Childhood Program Mgr
Moorhead, MN
“Bright and Ready decks are realistic, and with a quick glance the parents and the kids get it."
Doreen Jenkins, Outreach Director
U.S. Army Child, Youth and School Services
“We love the Bright and Ready products that we purchased! We are giving them as incentives to those who care for young children and they are very well received! The fact that they come in both English and Spanish was the deciding factor for us in making the purchase from your company.”
Lola M. Cornish-Nickens
Resource & Referral Program Manager
Community Resources for Children
Napa, CA
“Bright and Ready decks are a great, instructive tool we can offer parents. It is useful to have a wide variety of activities that you know are specifically developmentally appropriate for a 2 year-old vs. 4 year-old.”
Meg Roodhouse M.Ed.
University of Missouri
"Watching the interaction between the teachers and the children was absolutely amazing. But the most wonderful, and unexpected happening was the interest and excitement of the parents."
Dr. Janet Raney
JanWar Educational Consultants
DeLand, FL
My staff love the Bright and Ready decks. Most of the staff uses them as inspiration for the parent-child activity they are required to do on each visit. They tell me the decks make their jobs a lot easier. Other reasons they like them: variety of activities, creative, fun, covers all the areas of development we want to work on with our families, states the focus of the activity such as fine motor. Also, the staff is learning to gear activities up or down depending on the child’s developmental age. One staff person gives her families ‘homework assignments’ from the cards.
Glynda Lowery
Newport News Healthy Families
“All staff give them a big ‘Thumbs-Up.’"
Sharon Bradley
Sr. Director Home Visitation Srvcs
CAPS - Child And Parent Services
Elkhart IN
"I am enjoying using the Bright and Ready cards with the families that I visit. The easy-to-implement activities are clearly described and fun to do. I also like the fact that families already have many of the recommended materials at home."
Linda Waltzman
LBUSD Early Start
Long Beach, CA
"Some grandparents noticed a press release we had distributed and came in to our center to purchase a [Bright and Ready] deck. They loved the fact that the decks offer fun, easy to do activities, with items from around the house, that also helped their grandchildren developmentally. We also hope to have the decks available at a playgroup open house with our Pediatric Physical Therapist."
Lori Friberg
Family Center of Florence County
Florence, WI
I personally think that the Bright and Ready activities are appropriate and go right along with the PAT lesson plans we provide. The cards are also easy to follow/understand."
Olga Vega
School Readiness Program
Ernie Pyle Elementary School
Bellflower, CA
“The Bright and Ready cards are easy and concise and the ideas are perfect for getting the kids out of the strollers and moving around and interacting with their parents. I’m thrilled they’re available in Spanish now -- great translation!”
Kathy Alvarado
Riverside County Childcare Consortium
“I am excited about the ideas suggested and I have read each card. They are low-cost, easy to expand on and age-appropriate.”
Char Lightfoot, Head Start Teacher
Western Community Action
Marshall, MN
"I have been using the Bright and Ready idea cards with some of the families I serve. These cards have been beneficial as extra activities for the siblings of the children that I work with during my home visits. The ideas presented in these cards have been of great aide in keeping all the other children in the household pre-occupied while visiting with the parents. The parents that I have shared these cards with to use on their own have appreciated their simplicity and because of the easy availabiity of materials in their homes. As I continue to work with families I will utilize these cards with their best interest in mind."
Irene Sanchez
Family Advocate/Parents as Teachers Parent Educator
Morgan County Family Center
Ft. Morgan, CO
The parents like the activity decks because they have very simple activities that can be done at home. The childcare providers enjoy any type of new resource they can use to make class time fun.
Najiyyah Abdullah
Professional Development & Assessment Admin. of Orange County
Orlando, FL
"We have been happy with our purchase of Bright and Ready decks. They provide a fun and easy way to get children to discover new and fun ways to look at things. They foster Imagination, creativity, and discovery for children. The activities are fun and simple to do and what most people don’t think of they are improving thinking, motor, and language skills. We think they are great!"
Janet Nanninga, DD Coordinator
Florence County Human Services Department
"Overall I really like the product because it's a nice quick reference when the children have you distracted and frazzled."
William D.
Lakewood, CA
"I love these cards! I got the one year old cards first and when your little one is bored, or you find yourself letting them watch too much tv because you don't know what else to do with them, get out these cards and have fun while your little one also learns. They are so worth the money and you will use them time and time again!!"
Michelle D., Amazon reviewer
Santa Cruz, CA
"I purchased the Bright and Ready: Baby cards for 0-12 months a few weeks ago and have been using the ideas on the cards with my 6 month old daughter. The cards are an easy, convenient, quick way to get a new idea when the same old games, songs, or toys are getting stale. There were definitely ideas I've heard of before or even already use, as well as brand new ideas. Although there is nothing ground breaking about the ideas on the cards, the fact that you can just quickly flip through the deck for an idea has been very helpful for us."
Melanie, Amazon reviewer
Somerville, MA
"I bought the 'Age 2' Bright Ideas deck from a toy store in Boise, and we absolutely love it. The activities are a great fit for my toddler and are a great starting point for creative play. You have wonderful ideas, and it's so interesting for me to see how my toddler uses your 15 minute activity and it evolves into an afternoon activity."
Laura J.
Boise, ID
"My five year old daughter carries around the preschool deck like her brothers carry around their YuGiOh cards. She will lay out five cards on the table, and say to us, "Which one do you want to do?" Once we get started, her older brothers often join in, and everybody has a great time!"
Tom K.
Portland, OR


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