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Product Review by: Kim Kautzer, The Old Schoolhouse Magazine

[Ready Set Resources] has a big idea—decks of “quick and creative idea cards” for the preschooler near you. The decks, Bright and Ready, come in four age ranges: 0-12 months, Age 1, Age 2, and Preschool Ages 3-5. Each pack contains 52 high-quality idea cards with “smart and simple activities to do with your child.” Large and cheerful, each 3″ x 4½” card offers a full-color illustration of an activity on the front and short, simple instructions on the back. Often you can figure out the activity without even reading the directions. Best of all, there’s no need to shop for supplies—most materials can be found at home.

Providing “interactive, creative play,” these activities stimulate a child’s intellectual development; coordination and motor skills; language and listening skills; color and shape recognition; and creativity and imagination as you and your child have fun together. For example, fill a muffin tin with small toys and let your baby explore. Show her how to transfer toys from cup to cup, conceal the toys with a scarf, or flip the muffin tin over so she can discover the toys hidden beneath. Or play “Sock Slam Dunk” with your one-year-old using balled-up socks and a paper bag. Your two-year-old will enjoy “Hammer Whammer” as he pounds golf tees into a block of Styrofoam with a toy hammer, or “Art Collection,” where together you look through museum postcards of well known pieces (discussion ideas are suggested). With a preschooler, activities such as “Seeds, Soils, and Sprouts” open her up to the wonders of green growing things. A game like “Alternate and Replicate” encourages visual discrimination, problem solving, and small motor skills as she learns to make patterns with colored blocks.

Many home schooling families wonder what to do with their little ones This clever creation will help tots feel like they’re “doing school” too! And most activities are simple enough that an older child can pull a card and keep little brother or sister occupied while Mom reviews fractions or grammar with another child. But these decks are not just for young families alone—I know one person who has happily added to her collection of “Fun Things to Do at Grandma’s House”!

At 19 cents per activity, each $10 deck is a bargain.